Y r u so random Yuma? XD

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Q2. If illustrating the type of girl you like as a cake?

A2. It would be shortcake I guess. Just kinda simple. It has a feeling of like a royal Yamatonadeshiko. Walking 3 steps in behind, serving the man, such person unusual these days is my ideal. The looks would be kinda like black straight hair, neat and clean. Ultimate would be a Kimono. When wearing a Kimono it's beautiful when moving and I also like how the posture gets straight. The sweetness of the cake would be mild. To be honest I don't like sweets so much and also girls who always stuck on you are a bit… And not a whole (cake) but a cut. Because a sharp kinda glance is beautiful.

Och det här är vad folk ha kommenterat:
Yumali: Haha me too ! I also wouldn´t be able to serve the man to that extent as Yuma wishes XDD
I would go like "Do it on your own!" LOL
Yuma said some time ago that he wants to be a bit more superior than the girl/woman but I dont think he means that just the girl has to do the stuff for him. He also said how he would like to cook together or cook for her and watch after the children.
Yuma_tic: That's true, even if he doesn't ask, if it's for Yuma, I would probably do what he wants XDD But there aren't many obedient girls in these modern times XDDD Yuma's taste in music is old-fashioned but his taste for girls is old-fashioned too O_O LOL
(svar)Yumali: LOL you´re right,his taste in music and girls really fit together XD Finally Yuma is kind of a more oldfashioned type XD
Royal Yamatonadeshiko in Kimono; walking 3 steps in behind, serving the man...
I feet like watching a scene from a movie of old japanese times LOL
Anyway, I really can imagine what kind of girls Yuma´s type are and I remember he talked about Yamato Nadeshiko already years ago, when he was 15 or so XDD If there will be a girl Yuma will like but who´s a bit different from YN type, I think he will forget about his ideals and just like girl simply how she is.^^
I hope he´ll find his own Yamato Nadeshiko someday XD

Det jag vill komma fram med det här inlägget är att jag älskar en kille som gillar gammaldags stil hahhahahahah xD

Postat av: Lily

Aaaw Cleo då <3


2011-12-16 @ 22:18:05
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Postat av: Lily

sv. nej absolut inte! Självklart ska du älska honom ^^ xD


2011-12-16 @ 22:39:09
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Postat av: Chiaki

sv. jaa som tur är har vi bara haft ett prov (vi har en period som delas av på mitten med jullovet, så alla prov kommer först i februari ^^)

Det är tur i alla fall!

Bland mina närmaste kompisar så fyller mer än hälften i december-januari, typ 5 st. Så det är väldigt mycket fixande med presenter och födelsedagsfester och saker... Det är roligt men det blir väldigt stressigt också.

2011-12-17 @ 10:23:36
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